Wednesday, 16 December 2009


arggh this fucking game.

Month started out really well, then it went a little tits up and now I just keep getting nowhere.

So I started out winning buy-in after buy-in and was up around $500. Then came the downswing on Purple with me dropping $300 of that back. A lot of coolers didn't help. I then had a fantastic saturday night, where I fired the tables up at like 2am and the guys were just giving their money away. Managed to win about $177 in a very short period of time.

Sunday afternoon, $120 of that goes straight back with me losing 3 races with AK. Starting to question whether or not to keep 4-bet shoving this fucking hand as it never hits when I have it over the last few days. Lost to QQ twice and JJ (once to AA..meh).

So, with it running so badly I fired up everest for a few games and same shit. I drop another $100 there. On the Everest session I genuinely felt I didn;t make any mistakes and never lost any pots for stacks, it just seemed to wither away. I know I got outdrawn quite a few times and had to lay down hands and basically thats how I lost the majority.

The last couple of nights I have tried again at Purple and same shit. I have a winning session and then follow it up with a losing session.

I am about $180 up so far for the month over about 9k hands. How can it all start so well and then go so cold like this. I feel like kicking someone in the bollocks and saying "thats exactly how I feel right now"

There is no worse feeling than going to bed after a losing session. It plays on my mind a bit trying to figure out where I went wrong. As you can tell I am not a fan of losing :-)

So in conclusion each time it goes well, I can be sure to follow it up with a total arsehole of a session that will see me back where I started. I am finding it quite difficult to motivate myself again right now as when the cash isn;t flowing it's a tiresome game.

Oh and for a laugh yesterday I fired up 20 tables of 18 player SnG's ranging from $3-$16 and as usual ran like a one legged donkey on stars. Saw so many beats I just ended up laughing. Worst was in a $16 where with 8 left I called a shove with my AA vs his 44 for CL and board ends up running 5673x. I knew as soon as I saw the flop it was going to screw me and good ol' stars didn;t dissapoint. Ended up with only one cash and dropping another $90 or so. FML. Oh and 3 way all in one off bubble. I have KK vs 22 and ATs.... 22 flops a set. ATs rivers the low str8. hahahahahahah only only pokerstars.

Makes me glad I play cash tbh!

Hope you all run good.


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  1. Look on the bright side mate, you're still $180 up and you've managed to log 9k hands. Take the positives rather than dwelling on the negatives