Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Monthly round-up

Tough month at the tables this month. Had quite a few moments where I really started questioning myself. I started off on purple lounge, there were plenty of donks, but I was just dropping buy-in after buy-in, in what I now realise was a mixture of spewing and cold decks. It' just the variance of the game. With the poor mindset on PL, I moved to Everest and once again proceeded to spew like a loonatic. this when I seriously started to take stock of my game.

I had a few sweat sessions with snake, which helped me open my eyes and made me focus harder on villains ranges. I watched numerous vids, which if i am honest don;t think helped me.

It was only towards the end of the month where I got a hold on my frustrations and stopped making as many hero calls :-)

So here are the dreaded stats:

Purple Lounge: 5,194 Hands = $371.82 - loss ($185 in rakeback) = 186.82 loss.
Everest: 9,992 Hands = $212.72 Profit
Total: 15,186 Hands for $25.90 Profit

Purple Graph:

Purple All In EV Graph

You can see quite clearly from the EV graph that I was getting it fairly rough at PL, about 5 buy-ins down on EV, which is fairly harsh IMO, but standard for cash I guess.

Everest Graph:

Everest All in EV Graph:

You can see it's only really towards the end of the month where my graph takes a dramatic upswing. I genuinely blame that on being more patient and not letting the frustration get to me when i keep missing despite my pre flop aggression. The LAG style is really going to take some getting used to, to be fully effective for me.

Throughout the month I have also played some MTT's without any real success so I am probably down on those overall too. Not my greatest month financially, but I think I might have turned a corner on my cash game, which has been the whole point for me the last couple of months. I sort of feel I have had that lightbulb moment, where I finally feel good about my game again.

I wanna say a big thanks to Snake_Eyes because I am pretty sure it's those sweat  sessions that have made that difference.

Roll on December, a good profit would be awesome!

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  1. Mate, the sessions are just a confidence booster for you, you are already in full possession of the skills. It is just interesting to have another prespective on the hand whilst it is occuring. Deffo do some more!!! I am free Sunday, Mon, Tues, Wed mate.