Monday, 14 December 2009

No Cash

..and I am not talking about fellow RTR member and blogger!

last night i just played a few MTT's and the bloggerment.


I started off being fairly active, willing to play and gamble a bit as the structure was frankly excellent at the beginning allowing plenty of play. A flopped set vs an overpair helped me greatly as did a flopped set vs a top pair monkey. So at the second break I was sitting near the top and playing fairly well. I have to be honest that I was pretty card dead throughout the whole tourney. Only getting AK once and never seeing AA/KK/QQ/JJ once. Most of the time I was just having to work hard and try and choose my spots carefully.

as the blinds increased though so did the need to play shove/fold poker and when you have absolutely nothing its quite difficult. I ended up shoving 45s over a raiser and taking it down and making the steals with all kinds of utter shit just to stay alive.

Finally on the cutoff, with the blinds at 2k/4k and I had 22k. I pushed A6s. Only for the BB to wake up with AK. Did I get a suckout?? Did I fuck! I ended up finishing 15th, with top 20 paid. Was pretty gutted TBH, as I felt I had a decent chance, but at the end of the day there is only so much you can do without a single hand. I ended up with $105 for about 5 hours (buy-in was 75+7.50). a masssssssssssive profit of $22.50. sick.

Bloggerment -

Stack was up and down like a postitute's knickers, but never really going far. 15 entered and I ended up in a husband and wife big-stack sandwich! Hammer on my left with a huge stack and mair on my right with a fucking god-damned enormous stack. I ended up all in with JJ vs Mair's KT and stars being stars by the turn she had two pair and it was GG me in 3rd. BTW, Mair went on to crush Stan HU and I believe he has to clean the toilet twice a day now....with his tongue!

Everest 10k GTD -

Piss take. Played well for about 2 hours, then got it in with AQs vs AJ. of course there was going to be a jack on the river. gtfo. didnt even make the money. That game was a very similar standard to the 100k $10 thingy on stars on Sunday nights. People calling off with Ace high just in case you were

Purple Lounge €2.5k GTD -

Never really got going in this. when I got to 10 BB's I pushed AK from UTG, only for big stack to insta call with ..... guess what.... Ace fucking Jack. The flop seals my fate with his 3 outer. FML.

So not a very productive night overall, but it was a nice change from the cash grinding.

Will be back at it tonight!

Gl all



  1. That's $50 for the use of my name in the title please

  2. I now have an image in my head of Stan licking a toilet.

  3. Lol at Stan cleaning the shitter!!