Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Almost scared to post this... I am sure it will go tits up if I do!!!

Been running/playing (possibly??) good last few days and have increased the BR by just over $500 for December so far.  It actually feels really good, but I now have the mindset where I am reluctant to play a long session, just incase it all goes bad and I lose it back! I know thats scared money and thats a really bad thing, but I can't help it right now.

Been back playing at purple and tbh my game has improved since I was last there, especially my picking spots for 3-bets.

 Another thing I now do VERY often is to re-raise donk leaders (people who call your raise out of position then bet out at the flop before it's your turn to act) I mean when you think about it, why are they donk leading?? Well, my theory goes that if you have a good hand OOP in a raised pot, you tend to go for the check-raise or allow a free card to give your opponent chance to catch up, so by donk-leading you are basically unsure about your own hand, hence when you put pressure on these guys they fold a huge percentage of the time and it's basically free money. The only time I advise against it is on a really draw heavy board, in which case they may be trying to defend against a flush/str8 and won't fold if you re-raise. In general though, on dry boards if someone donk leads, they are unsure of their hand. Punish them for it :o)

The big draw for going back was the RB. It's just too good to miss. So my plan is to play purple in the evenings and play everest in the afternoons (when I am off work). There are more donks on everest in general so when there are fewer games in the afternoons Everest seems a sensible choice, but in the evenings, when everyone is playing, Purple is definately my best option as the donks are usually in force and I get handsomely rewarded :-)

Poker is always nice when you are winning and shit when you are losing, so right now all is sweet!

So poker gods (amen) please don't smash the life out of me with bad beats and let me run good forever. ty.


  1. like the donk leadin part! goodluck m8, your better than playin scared so i dont think that will last;-)

  2. I'll be keeping an eye on your next post with a view to stealing your horseshoe idea if it works!