Thursday, 3 December 2009

Shot my bolt?

LOL. This month has started hot. 3 sessions. 3 winning sessions :-)

Made just over $200 in three nights, usually playing for about 1-2 hours tops. It's really difficult to say whether I am still playing well or just running good. I think it's a bit of both. My strong draws are getting there when villains hold big hands and my strong hands are holding vs the draws and tbh thats the difference.

For now though I'll just smile and try and keep making money as fast as my button clicking mouse finger allows!! (oh and spare time)

Please please please don;t throw a fucking downswing at me yet!



  1. ship me $2 on stars and I send you good Karma

  2. ship me $2000 on stars and i'll suck you off

  3. Lol at Plat.

    Mate, opposite for me, strong hands getting outdrawn, draws missing. Variance I tell ya!!

  4. Jeeeez Mik......not a post on how bad you run??!!
    Wp & keep it up. glgl