Monday, 24 January 2011


This Rush is some super sick shit. It's definately like the cocaine of poker IMO. The variance is at best, brutal. The nature of the game means there are gonna be a tonne of big hands clashing and thats where you are gonna make or break your profits.

I ran good, then bad, then good, then bad and now ok and thats just in the last 20 days! My graph is like the fucking Himalayas!

I just tend to play straightforward. I do mix it up a bit against the regs, but against the guys whom I have no stats or few hands on I just play pathetically straightforward and so far (touch wood) it is working ok.

I am on target to make Gold level in the Iron Man, although tbh I am not sure what value that has in itself because I've never looked into it.

on a none poker front:

Just had to spend another small fortune on a new pram, moses basket, baby bath and extras and a few more bits in anticipation of the new arrival. Fuck me life is expensive these days. I am looking forward to it and not all at the same time. It's a strange feeling tbh. You want it over with, but you know for six months full nights sleep are none existent!

Went over to a mates Saturday night. Not seen two of them for a while and as usual when we get together it gets messy, fucking rapido. Got there at about 8 and we started heavy on the stellas. By about 1am we started having arm, but it got worse. My mate has been training for a while in MMA and starts wanting to go out in garden and have a "wrestling tournament". Objective was, on the word go, you had to get your opponent onto the floor and pin both shoulders down. No punching or kicking allowed. Only thing for these guys is I am a lot fucking bigger than them weight wise. Obv though we had been on Stella and stella makes you invicincible.

So sure enough we go out. It's probably minus 2 out there, but none of us can feel the cold. It's adrenalin and beer mixed up. Fucking numpties I tell you!

10 mins later, I am victorious. My weight and height advantage was a bit too much to be fair, but one lad Rob has a fucked leg and the other, Ted has fucked his hand up. hahaha.

Seriously for 30+ year old blokes we are still fucking idiots after beer. sigh.

Found out that Rob was in AE most of Sunday. He had torn a muscle in his thigh vs me and there was some internal bleeding. Brutal. Poor bastard is a window cleaner too!

Moral of the story...know when to stop drinking and don;t wrestle in the garden when pissed!

right, thats enough from me.


Stone Cold Big Miky!


  1. Ha ha, great post Mik, v funny.

    I feel your pain re: expensive baby stuff, our 2nd is due 1st March. Sleep deprivation here we come!

  2. yeah we (30+) dont change do we!!!

    six months of no more full nights sleep......erm MIK you might want to adjust that figure m8 LOL.

  3. Takin you on at wrestlin mick !! - they dont call you Big Daddy just because youve got a bairn on the way - they must be fookin stoopid

  4. Give me a few Stellas and I would leather you fella ;)

    I've thrown bigger blokes than you out of a fight to get into one.