Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Up your arris!

god damn it. I fucking jinxed myself on that post just before New Year about wafllecrushing, as I am now experiencing the arse end of some shitty variance. It doesn;t help that it's sending me on super-mega-gofuckyourself-tilt. I just HATE giving the worst players fucking credit for having a hand and I am STILL overplaying that peice of shit that is AK (because it NEVER EVER FUCKING HITS FOR ME!). Think I have shipped it in with AK about 3 times and I always seem to be against QQ and they always seem to hit their Q. lol. They hit one of their two oust, but I cannot hit one of my six! FUFUFUFUFUFU.

I am getting into some really horrible tough spots. i.e. getting two pair on a 3 flushing board and facing aggro. Getting sets and then the board 4 flushing or 4 straighting on my ass. The fish are also floating the shit out of me I think the bad players now call my C-bets close to 100% and I think it;s just too spewy to fire 3-barrells against a donko that won;t fold top pair for love nor money.

I am just gonna stick at it and keep playing. I am now 6 buy-ins down this month, some of it has been spew for sure, but also had some bad luck with set over sets (btw I am not good enough to fold a set despite the river overbets by villain!). :)


I joined back up to DeucesCracked yesterday and planning on trying to watch at least one vid a day and plan to properly review my HH's and also look through my oppo's (regs) HH's and see if I can pick out patterns in their play.

Just got to plug on for now. Some of the players are horrific. Just gotta keep remembering that and getting their dosh.

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