Saturday, 1 January 2011

2010 Review + 2011 Goals

Just going to keep it brief:


Jan = +$1637.19
Feb = +$340.43
Mar = +$841.57
April = +$442.70
May = +$2890.99
June = -$394.58
July = -$483.42
Aug = +$2778.62
Sep = -$140.43
Oct = -$152.68
Nov = -$149.31
Dec = +$485.19

Yearly Total = +$8096.27

I played a total of 147,640 hands in 2010 on the cash tables, but my biggest financial successes came in MTT's with a few decent binks boosting the BR.

2010 started out a decent year for me poker wise. I had a bit of discipline and was playing regularly. This continued for a couple of months until I did the normal and lost focus for a while. I dabbled in bits and bobs, but struggled to really get back into it. I ended up withdrawing a majority of my roll to pay for RL stuff and at the time I didn;t regret it. I have managed to build it back up slowly and hopefully will kick on into 2011!


First and foremost we are due to have our second child in early March and as such this is going to take up a lot of my poker playing time for the following few months, so I am not going to get unrealistic with my goals as I know playing time is going to be fairly limited.

I am going to stick at playing cash at my current site for now and see where that takes me, with the odd MTT sessions and probably some Rush poker too here and there to mix it up.


1. Play at least 120k hands of cash.
2. Spend more time watching training vids and maybe reading a few mindset type books to try and help control the tilt.
3. Start reviewing sessions and having sweat sessions again with Snake. I still felt my game progressed most when we were continuosly talking through hands and strategies. It got me thinking much more in depth about my game and my weaknesses.
4. I am not a big fan of monetary goals, so I'll just try and beat what I made last year.
5. Keep building the forum.
6. Play more live events!

I'll do my best with all of those. Fingers crossed!

I hope all the readers of this blog have a cracking 2011 and I hope it's good and prosperous for each and everyone of you.




  1. Gl with 2011 mate, number 2 kid on way is going to shake things up, any daft cnut can have one!!!

    Atb mate!

  2. nice profits fish. gl for 2011 with pokes and new arrival etc

  3. Run good in 2011 Mik and good luck with number 2 sprog!