Sunday, 9 January 2011



Well I am slightly dissapointed Roy Hosgson has left Liverpool. It was awesome seeing the red shite  falling to peices!!! Will King Kenny do any better? I hope not!

Everton got a very very good win over Tottenham this week, beating them 2-1 in what looked a really really good game from the highlights. Burnley still have no manager, but I think Malky Mackay is front runner according to the local press. Not sure he has enough experience tbh though, although anyone is better than that wanker Brian Laws.


Struggling ATM. The pokerstars RNG is tanning my arse and to be fair there is nothing I can do about that, but I am also really really spewy in certain spots, especially when making calls where I know I am likely beaten. This is something I seriously have to work on as it's meant the difference between a couple of winning or losing sessions.

Rush poker is going ok , but I am still very very wary because I know how fucking variance ridden it is. So not gonna jinx myself until I have put the full month in.

Watched a few training vids, but not sure I am comfortable 3/4-betting as much as they insist you should just yet because of the levels I am playing and the types of players that you run into.

Anyways I am just gonna play on for now and see where it takes me.

Cheers for reading



  1. hey fish, looking forward to bolton, wanna show u i can handle 3 pints!!

    link me up fish

  2. I think at 25NL 3betting for value is the best line to take. The fish see a small pp and just ain't gonna fold mate.

  3. I think Moyes has missed a trick this season, he has kept going on about the strikers not scoring and missing chances but none of them have really had a long run in the team apart from Cahill who is essentially a goalscoring midfielder who has been pushed up front.

    The last couple of games he's gone with Saha and Beckford and it's going well, he should stick to it and forget about this negative 4-5-1 bollocks.