Tuesday, 18 January 2011

RUSH'ing again.. sigh

So after playing ~7k hands on pokerstars.fr I have quickly come to the conclusion that the rake is fucking scandalous. I have paid ~$320 in rake @ NL25 in that many hands. I mean I have also been playing RUSH poker and in around 11k hands so far I have only paid ~$170 in rake, which shows you just how much it is. It makes the games too expensve to play IMO.

I mean I could have gone and tried to get gold VIP status each month, but in monetary terms that is virtually worth fuckall to me compared to what I would be paying out. Also I was looking back at 2010 and saw how much the 55% rakeback deal really boosted my earnings and bankroll.

Basically, although the games are pretty damned soft, pokerstars have priced themselves out of the market to play cash their.

Most of my recent play has been on Full Tilt's RUSH poker. Once again I don;t wanna jinx myself, but I am doing ok, plus the fact of the rakeback and the ironman I am currently trying to hit.

My plan is to look for a new site to grind alongside Full Tilt, that gives me decent rakeback and leave a bit on stars.fr to play MTT's.

Enjoying poker ATM, but not really putting in any serious time or effort tbh. Just got myself this little gadget

means I can watch all my .avi files of Dexter, Entourage, Dueces cracked vids etc etc, via HD on my TV. weeeeeeeee

On a none poker front I just spent the last week or so doing up the spare room to change it into the little lads' new room. Jesus it gets expensive quickly. He is thomas tank engine mad, so it's curtains, bed, border, bin lightshade, toybox etc etc. Looks good though now and that means the nursery is now free, ready for the new arrival.

oh man all those sleepless nights and waking for the 3 hourly feeeds.... good times!! lol.

right oh, better get back to the grind of work.




  1. Wtf is that thing and I presume you got it on ebay?

  2. Howdo mate - i've got a good 50% flat rakeback deal on iPoker (with $600 deposit bonus that's NOT deducted). Only thing is you have to use Moneybookers to depo / withdraw. Drop me a PM if you want the details.

  3. + 1 to what Snake said?

    The cash rb on frogstars is scandalous. Gutted you aren't playing Bolton, you gunna be there for the start mate? Plus a few evening bevys?

    Thomas the Tank engine was my youngest nephews fave, my bro did the same as you went to town, looked the bollox, 1 year later and it was Pokemon!! Cue the magnolia overhaul and just changes bed covers when a new whim hits lol.

  4. lol I agree DOV.

    Snake/DOV: it's this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Sumvision-Cyclone-Micro-Media-Player-/280618428736?pt=UK_AudioElectronicsVideo_Video_TelevisionSetTopBoxes&hash=item4156296940

    You need a HDMI cable to run it to your tv (I think they are about £1 lol) and then you just bang your programs onto a USB stick or SD card. Easy.

    I doubt I'll make the start as I am workin overtime Friday night, but hoping to be there early evening to see the boys and get some photos and that for the forum.

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