Sunday, 4 November 2012

Trying to take some positives

Ok, so when going on a horrible loosing run it smashes your confidence a lot. You start to wonder what went wrong, are you a donkey etc etc.

So, I have been reviewing my play and I honestly am not making a lot of mistakes. I use SnG Wiz, pokerstove and Pokertracker to review hands and plays and It's left me convinced I was just unlucky. Granted there are spots where I am not pushing wide enough, but in my honest opinion, in a $3 donkament shoving so wide where people are going to be acalling with all kinds of shit is just asking to ride the variance train, for example in th hand below:

If I even alter the BB's calling range to like 40% it's telling me to shove J7o. Yes, against players who have a clue this might be a good value shove, but my confidence is low and I am missing some of these marginal spots on purpose.

Just realised I probably should have opened up the calling range of the big stacked SB too and see how that affects it.... hang on gonna do it now....

It's actually pretty thin. if he calls anything over the top 25% of hands then this is a fold, but upto top 25% I need to be shoving :


Hmmmmm. If I had any confidence to win a showdown i would be shoving wide here, probably most suited cards and connected cards, two broadways etc, but maybe not as wide as this.

As you can see though below, an example that shows in general I am playing ok, with few mistakes:

Anyways I bust what I had left on Stars thanks to by bad run so now I gotta wait until the 6th and I can get my wonga off Full Tilt.

For anyone who plays SnG's and doesn;t use SnG Wiz you are missing out on a fantastic tool.

laters all.



  1. run better bro !
    as "fantastic" as all these tools are .. no substitute for experience.
    and I doubt most of us part-time-donkeys actually have the spare time. play more ? analyse more ? sorry, no contest.

  2. I disagree mate. You can play all you want, but if you never look for where you can improve, then your progress will be very very slow.

  3. nice one, hope you will update it soon