Monday, 12 November 2012

Steak progress...

I have been documenting my play here:

Only played 3 sessions, but it hasn't gone great. That said I have taken a shitload away from those first few sesssions... Initially I thought I was being too aggro around the bubble, it seems that my play was actually not too bad, but I did find a leak when I was reviewing my play that I am being a bit too aggro with the 7-10 BB range from EP when we are 5-7 handed. I had to tighten my range a lot. I was also calling a little too light in the BB when I had a reasonable stack vs someone I knew could be pushing wide. Turns out my calling range was too wide. I'd often snap with an ace, pair and connected broadways, but wiz showed me that I have to tighten that range up and I have.

Last night I had a brutal hit when my lappy died in the middle of a session. I was deep in a good few with decent stacks. For some reason when my lappy is doing too much it freezes up, but this time I couldn;t get it to fire back up. When I wanted reboot it just kept trying to get me to "fix the problem", but I knew I didn;t want to. The screen would just stay black if I tried to start in Normal windows mode. The frustration nearly made my head explode. I finally got it to work, but when it eventually loaded back up (felt like a fucking age) I had pretty much blinded out of most of the games. I was gutted.

I nearly quit there and then, I was around $180 down at that point according to PT3, but i re-composed myself and fired up another set of 12. Played well in those despite running really horrible in a few spots and managed to recoup some.

Stats so far:

I know I am on a downswing here, but to be very honest I really think I am gonna turn this around. In reality it's a ~15 buy in downswing and it's nothing. I am gonna crush these fuckers, I can feel the old skills returning and the ring rust slipping away.

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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