Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Such a knob

So I had a couple of days off whilst waiting for Full tilt to become active and I could transfer the $100 to Stars to carry on my grinding... or so was the plan. Instead I was a dickhead....

I tried to transfer the funds across and after pairing the accounts I attempted to transfer the wonga, but for some reason I got an email saying it had failed. During which time I had been reading a bit on the forums about Full Tilt and talked myself into playing some NL10 6max Rush.

To be honest I played awfully. I was getting 3-bet into oblivion so I started playing back and sure as shit they had it everytime and then I lost a 200BB pot when I got it in with my middle set vs a flush draw, which got there and stacked me and then it started.... tilt. I ended up spunking off 5 buy-ins like a tit. I forced myself to stop after that otherwise I would have probably blown the lot.

I then shifted the remaining $50 over to Stars and this time the transfer worked ok.

So, thanks to my own stupidity, I am now gonna have to grind the $1.50's. What a knob-end.

I just played about 6 games last night and the standard was absolutely fucking awful, but there seemed to be a few regs on most tables who were solid. Jesus, regs in $1.50 games, what has poker turned into?

This is going to hgave to be where I start. I am not dropping lower than the 1.50 games so if I bust that, then fuck it, I can not beat the games and will be best off just giving it up.

Lets see how it goes, but prepare yourself for more rants about the RnG and it's sadistic ways.


  1. there are a fair few regs at my 2c cash tables .. is this not the case at all levels ?
    the real question is, are they any good ??

  2. dD makes a good point. Mik, surely u can beat these lims? WTF?