Thursday, 8 November 2012

Confidence Booster

Some major developments since my last post.....

Been contacted by someone offering me a stake, but to be fair it's more of a kind gesture as he wasn't really interested in profits and such, but I didn't think that was fair so we negotiated a deal that I think would be fairer for us both and also try and make us both a return and worth playing for.

It's actually really nice for someone to show that faith in you when you confidence is pretty low. I am hopefully going to repay that faith.

So my starting point now will be my old stomping ground, the $7 18 player SnG's. I could have gone higher, but I want to find my feet at a more reasonable level and get my mindset right for the grind. I am going to be running a 100-buy in strategy so that I have breathing room and might not be so results arientated in the short term.

To be honest even the best players only have a small ROI in these so I am not expecting miracles, but I am going to get the feel of the games. We are planning to review things on the 1st of each month and progress things from there.

Pretty excited actually, should give me a kick up the ass.

My backer has asked to remain anonymous and as such I will respect his wishes, but he knows who is is and I would like to thank him on here personally. Cheers mate.

Right, gotta run work calls.



1 comment:

  1. 100 buy-ins.. fook, thats a lotta wonga !
    with a small ROI, it is by all accounts a "grind" in a very real sense !
    gl bro.