Sunday, 9 December 2012


How is everyone? Hope you are all good leading upto this festive period.

Quite a bit going on really, but lets start with the pokers...

I am still doing the stake, no major volume, just grinding between 20-30 games per night when not working. Still 12 tabling, but i might move that up slowly now I have worn the ring-rust off. It's as swingy as a mutherfucker, but I always knew that would be the case, just took a little remembering at the start when I kept on tilting like a twat.

I am now in profit, although my ROI is only at around 5%, but considering the best guys in those games are only at about 9% according to sharkscope, I don't feel too bad. I do feel there are some regs there that make a lot of mistakes, especially when around the bubble. I still make mistakes too, don;t get me wrong, but I am slowly but surely ironing those out and the confidence is starting to return. No doubt a downswing will now come and tear my bollocks off.

I really want to make a decent ROI for my backer in this. He's shown a lot of faith in me and never gets on my back or pushes for more, he just lets me get on with it, which stops it being a chore for me and means I only play when I am in the best moods, which has got to be a win-win all around.

If you are reading this cheers mate.

On a seperate note I went to the casino last night to play some live pokes. Just a £30 freezeout at blackpool (which happened to actually be a re-entry, where they can charge rake I was shocked to only see 28 entries, a few years back that game was regularly stacked out with like 80+ players on Fridays and Saturdays.

It was pretty uneventful for me, Missed a million flops early, everyone was loose as fack and some were just plain fucking awful. I was just trying to bide my time, connect and get the money in. I pretty much hovered between 10-15 BB's most of the night until I had a complete brain-fart and butchered a hand and I mean butchered...

I have 12 bigs, and it folds to me in MP with KTs (spades), blinds were 500/1k. I make it 2400. Short stack next to me shoves all in for 5k total. A retard and I mean the guy was awful, decided to flat this shove from the BB and he had me well copvered.... I was stuck. No way could I get this HU vs shorty because drooler was coming along for ride and if I call I leave myself zero room to mouvre.I fucked up and just called figuring if i even get a whiff of that flop i just push. Flop comes Q9Q and he checks and I check... error number 83217321, lol. Turn, K. No flush draws out there I figure if I am ahead I stay ahead, not really too much to worry about on river once he checks I figure him for a pocket pair. So he checks and I check again (I know what a twat). river is only a bastard Ace. FML. He immediately puts me all in. No way I can call,. what a fucking horrible hand. I probably shouldn't even tell it!

By the time the BB is near me it's gon up to 600/1200, I have about 8k and so push 79o from UTG (we are 7 handed at the time). Guy to my left immediately flats and the rest fold. He only has 99... fml. the case 9 hits the flop and I kiss my own dumb-ass goodnight in 14th or so.

My mate went pretty deep, but he was pissed as a newt and just made a dick of himself. I sat down to rail him a bit, pulling a seat from under a table nearby and when I went to get up realised I was sat on something sticky... some fucking knobhead had left a big piece of chewing gum on the seat. What a twat. So I have to trot off to bogs to try and pick as much off as I can. I can assure you that thoroughly pissed me off. Seriously which adult leaves chewing gum on the top of a chair. I hope someone shits in that persons christmas presents.

Another funny incident, we are walking past the cash table and my mate says "look at that twat there with the headphones trying to look ten years younger"... I look over and I notice it's only Hutch from the forum! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Actually was good to see Hutch, must be hard work having to grind a living in the casino most nights. Some of those people are just fucking morons. Don't blame him for having the headphones on! Also reminded me about the APAT in March, which should be a great piss-up.

right, think thats enough for tonight.

cheers for reading



  1. Good luck with the staking Mik

  2. linked you up, feel free to do the same .. assuming you are gonna post again, lol

  3. has RTR been hacked ????

    every time I visit (from work) the antivirus kicks in with "Trojan: JS/BlacoleRef.DD"

    wtf is going on ?