Sunday, 9 October 2011

live donkament report pt 1

Finally got to a live game, weeeeee.

I played the £110 mega-stack tourney in Blackpool. I got there late thanks to the illumination traffic, which insta-tilted me. Took ~45 mins to travel less than 2 miles.

I finally get in, get registered and take my seat. First two hands in I pick up 77 and 33. Take a flop with both and whiff both flops so just get out of dodge.

We lose a player in the first hour when he gets 200bb's in with 1 pair [ ] wp donko.

I then tighten up for a while, before I open 99 UTG 7 handed. I get one caller on the button.

Flop comes 9TA. Perfect flop for me to lead at so I do. He thinks and flats. Turn is a brick. I fire again, he again flats. River comes K, bit shitty because the way this guy has played so far JQ is definately part of his range, but so is two pair type hands. I make a smallish value bet, which he snaps off and proudly tables AQo. I show my set and he shrinks a little. I had to lol to myself because virtually the only hand in my range he beats there is AJ.

I then sit tight for a short while, just watching the other players. I remember one big pot, where the board was Jack high and a low straight possible and the two players were geting frisky. I genuinely thought Set vs straight on the river, instead the both table J9 for top pair and split the pot. Haahaha WTF? Unfortunately it would be one of the guys in this hand the lead to my demise.

So with my nice tight image it folds to me in CO and I had 43s (dd), so I open for 2.5xBB. SB decides to call.

Flop comes Jc 9c 4s

He donks leads into it for just over half pot, given my image I reckon I can potray a very big hand here, so I re-raise him as a bluff. He doesn;t like it immediately, but finally makes the call.

Turn is 6h

He checks, I lead out for half pot. Again he doesn;t like it, he is clearly drawing in my mind and I think I can get him off it with my turn bet. He thinks for a while and once again calls.

River 6s

I have now decided to give it up. I am thinking it must be something like AJ that he hates folding because I think the draw gives up on that turn bet.

He checks, I check. I am reluctant to turn my hand over immediately and he says "you got it, I missed, what you have KK?". Then proceeds to show me TcQc, for the OESD on the flop! wow.  My lowly pair of fours scoops the pot and I can see the whole table thinking WTF is going on here! lolol. Getting frisky FTW.

Must have been a very tough spot for him on the flop when I re-raised.

part 2 to follow

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