Thursday, 3 February 2011

Jan Round Up

A little late but here goes:

Jan was pretty much a washout. I played plenty of hands, but sort of feels like I was pissing in the wind as I never really got very far.

CASH GAMES: 6,584 hands for a $137.54 loss, but Bonus earned: $70 = -$67.54

Ran like shit, paid an excruciating amount of rake so just fucked it off and wiothdrew most of what I had made in profits and bonus.

Full Tilt RUSH (NL25): 26,415 for a $167.04 profit + $117.44 = + $287.48

Obligitaroy graph:

My BB/100 (1.27/100) was a sack of shit, but tbh RUSH is so variance ridden that I don;t think my results are that far from the norm for an ok player.

Total = + $216.94


Didn;t play a single one! Something I plan to change this month tbh.


Small RUSH profit, which is a first because before this month I just basically spewed cash in RUSH, I  simply could never beat it over a decent sample. Luckily I have added a lot more discipline into my game this month and thankfully it is paying off a bit. Will it continue?, I just don;t know, what I do know is that bigger downswings occur a lot in rush, so I simply now never count my chickens, I just take each session at a time and try to play as optimally as I can.

I also re-joined Dueces Cracked and plan on watching quite a few different series to try and keep building on my game and adding new plays to my arsenal.

Ok, lets hope February is profitable for us all.


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